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Sky Velvet Vassar Music Foundation
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Our newest SVVMF Board Member, Ayanna Freeman, has always loved music.  In her youth in the southern United States she excelled as a saxophonist, and her musical tastes have only expanded with the incredible experiences she’s had as an adult.  As a clothing designer, Ayanna travelled extensively in Asia frequenting India, Hong Kong, and China.  At the age of 29, she moved to Bangalore, Karnataka, India to run a fashion design department. There she immersed herself in the local culture—music, art, entertainment, traditions, and natural remedies.  It was an organic progression for her to then start her own skincare company, Leela’s Body Cocktails, for which Ayanna hand-makes all of the products.  She is also a regular contributor to Encantado and Los Ranchos Village magazines, writing about skincare topics and do-it-yourself remedies. Though Ayanna never knew Sky, she says, “Sky’s soul has touched me through her beautiful mother and siblings and I am honored to continue Sky’s efforts in sharing the contagious love of music.”  We are thrilled to have Ayanna join us and look forward to sharing in her enthusiasm!


Lisa Donald, President
Sitara Schauer, Vice President
Michele Minnis, Secretary
Velina Vassar, Director of Fundraising
Robert McNeill 
Mark Michel
Mamie Yanu Willis
Vanessa Vassar
Ayanna Freeman
Huitzil Bennett Perez

Youth Board of Directors

Samantha Daitz
Nathan Kaplan
Fae Ordaz

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Peter Kaplan
Cyd Riley
Stephen Michael Bennett
Maryellen Missick-Tow
Elizabeth Pelz
Donna Schmidt
Daniel Gutierrez
Amy Williams
Gerard Kerbleski
Keith Jordan
Sara Jo Fischer
Todd Resch
Betsy VanLeit
Steve Paternoster

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