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sitarapicPhoto by Vanessa Vassar

Sitara Schauer has been studying violin since she was a child. Classically trained, she developed a strong foundation with proper technique, ear training and scale studies. What remained when she decided to step “out of the box” were the soulful sounds of the minor keys. These led her to Arabic, Klezmer, Irish, Swedish, Tango, Gypsy and Balkan musical styles. Sitara has studied maqam (Arabic and Turkish scales) with world renowned teachers and performs actively with many different ensembles including the all-female Balkan and Mid-Eastern band, Rumelia Collective (, of which she is a founding member. She has a degree in instrument repair and also plays mandolin, guitar, piano and santoor (an Indo-Persian hammered dulcimer). She mentors middle and high school orchestras through an outreach program with Performance Santa Fe and maintains a string studio where she teaches private violin lessons to people of all ages. Sitara was Sky's first violin teacher and, after being on the SVVMF Board for seven years, is now the Board Vice President.


Lisa Donald, President
Sitara Schauer, Vice President
Robert McNeill, Treasurer
Michele Minnis, Secretary
Velina Vassar, Director of Fundraising
Steve Paternoster
Mark Michel
Mamie Yanu Willis
Vanessa Vassar

Youth Board of Directors

Samantha Daitz
Nathan Kaplan
Fae Ordaz
Huitzil Bennett Perez

Board of Directors Alumni

Peter Kaplan
Cyd Riley
Stephen Michael Bennett
Maryellen Missick
Elizabeth Pelz
Donna Schmidt
Daniel Gutierrez
Amy Williams
Gerard Kerbleski
Keith Jordan
Sara Jo Fischer
Todd Resch
Betsy VanLeit

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