Sky Velvet Vassar was a young musician who studied violin, cello, piano and flute. She loved art, poetry, dance, spoke fluent German and was learning French. She was born in Berlin, Germany and moved to New Mexico with her family when she was three. In her 13 years, she traveled to Tunisia, Mexico, Europe and across the United States.

Sky was joyful and playful, quick to laugh, with an uncanny sense of perspective. She was deeply compassionate and, from a young age, had a fierce sense of social justice. Anyone who met Sky instantly realized that she had a generous heart, endless poise and curiosity beyond her years. She was a natural leader who led by thoughtful and sensitive example.

Sky passed away unexpectedly in January 2010. The Sky Velvet Vassar Music Foundation was established to reflect her appreciation for all of the arts, especially music. The foundation aims to inspire and support youth who share Sky’s remarkable passion and artistic talent.





by Sky Velvet Vassar
Dedicated to Everyone I Love

I am musical
I am from the piles of sheet music buried in the piano bench
I am the dragonfly fluttering in the breeze
I am the cellist
I am the sweet smelling candle
I am from the vase of flowers whose long gone stems I remember as if they were my own

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